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How to Create SMS Org Chart in Aviation Safety Management

Posted by Tyler Britton on Feb 20, 2019 5:48:00 AM

What is an SMS Org Chart in Aviation Safety Management

An SMS org chart in aviation safety management outlines the chain-of-command in your SMS. Safety org charts are a visual reference tool that outlines the structure of your SMS. SMS org charts are important because:

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Roles in Aviation SMS: Essential Roles Every SMS Should Have

Posted by Tyler Britton on Feb 13, 2019 5:58:00 AM

What are Roles in Aviation SMS Software

Roles in aviation SMS software are different categories of permissions and access assigned to users accessing your SMS database. Each role will have different responsibilities and authority.

Roles allow you to organize the human elements in your safety management system. This helps you:

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Writing Awesome Aviation Safety Policy Statements - With Downloads

Posted by Tyler Britton on Feb 8, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Safety Policy Is the Architecture of Aviation SMS

Aviation safety management systems (SMS) are supported by the safety policy which is endorsed by the organization's accountable executive. The safety policy communicates management's commitment to the SMS while also affording employees protection from self-reporting errors or mistakes.

Aviation SMS' safety policy statements are the framework around employees'

  • roles,
  • obligations, and
  • guidance in all safety-related circumstances.
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Defining Safety Posture in Your Aviation Safety Management System

Posted by Tyler Britton on Feb 4, 2019 5:09:00 AM

What is Safety Posture in Aviation SMS

Aviation service providers should be aware what is level of risk is and isn’t acceptable. In other words, when you perform a risk assessment on a safety concern, what amount of risk requires mitigating actions, and what amount of risk required no actions? What amount of risk is acceptable.

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Best Practices for Safety Accountabilities in Aviation SMS - with Resources

Posted by Christopher Howell on Feb 3, 2019 5:13:00 AM

What Are the Best Practices for Establishing Safety Accountabilities?

One of the first steps in implementing an aviation safety management system (SMS) is to complete the documentation elements in the Safety Policy and Objectives component of an ICAO compliant SMS.

Please note that I said "one of the first steps." Before tackling these documentation elements, we recommend that you first:

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Five Elements of ICAO's Safety Policy and Objectives in SMS

Posted by Christopher Howell on Jan 31, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Why Review Safety Policy & Objectives in Aviation SMS Programs?

Aviation safety managers share many common traits, including:

  • detail oriented;
  • hard driven;
  • professional;
  • self-starters (high initiative); and
  • good communicators.

Safety managers are results driven.

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Writing & Reviewing Aviation SMS Safety Policies - 4 Free Templates

Posted by Christopher Howell on Jan 26, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Aviation Safety Policy? More than Just Empty Words...

Safety managers are commonly the invisible authors to many safety policies show-cased at aviation service providers worldwide. After all, safety managers are the "supposed" subject matter experts and the accountable executive is busy doing "accountable executive stuff."

When you are assigned to manage an aviation safety management system (SMS), one of the first tasks is to either create or review the aviation safety policy.

Where do you begin?

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5 Times Documentation Saves Safety Managers in Aviation SMS

Posted by Tyler Britton on Jan 24, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Paperwork Is More than Tedious

Let’s be real – documentation is really just a fancy word for paperwork (digital or hardcopy). It can be extremely tedious.

I’ve never met anyone who looks forward to documentation required in an aviation safety management system (SMS). That doesn’t change the fact that at every activity of an aviation SMS

  • planning,
  • implementation,
  • audit reports,
  • SMS training records
  • reported safety issues, and
  • continuous improvement –

documentation does greatly impact the efficiency of the SMS.

SMS documentation is the script of an SMS.

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3 Myths about Aviation SMS Implementation

Posted by Tyler Britton on Jan 21, 2019 5:53:00 AM

Be Aware of Your Aviation Safety Management Myths

Awareness is a great weapon for overcoming problems in aviation safety management systems (SMS). When aviation safety managers try and implement an aviation SMS while at the same time clinging to myths:

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5 Simple Tips to Improve Aviation Safety Reporting Cultures

Posted by Christopher Howell on Jan 6, 2019 3:43:00 PM

Safety Managers Can Only Manage Hazards That Are Reported

Healthy aviation safety management systems (SMS) rely upon hazard reporting to reduce operational risk. High performing safety reporting cultures receive approximately one report for every ten employees each month.

When safety managers have poor hazard reporting cultures, they have a more difficult time justifying aviation safety budgets. Furthermore, their collected data is skewed and inaccurate and basically useless for responsible decision making.

  • Garbage in - garbage out.
  • Not all data in - garbage out.
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