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5 Easy Ways to Combine QMS and SMS in Aviation Operations

Posted by Tyler Britton on Mar 19, 2018 6:31:00 AM

Why Quality Management Is So Important for Safety

Quality management systems (QMS) are the big brother of safety management systems (SMS).  They are often depicted as having conflicting interests.

Unfortunately, this is true in many organizations because the bottom line (money) is pushed more than safety.

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How Your Aviation Safety Program Preserves Freedom to Fly

Posted by Aviation Safety Student on Mar 16, 2018 5:31:00 AM

How Aviation Safety Program Becomes Global Standard

The human spirit is a restless one, always seeking to push the boundaries of possibility.

Since the Wright brothers first successful flight occurred only in 1903, aviation is relatively new to humankind. The nature of flight challenges people to come up with better ways to deal with risk.

The global standard, SMS, supports the aviation industry through

  • good organization,
  • safety assurance and
  • collaboration.

Essentially, SMS seeks to preserve and promote the freedom to fly.

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What is Risk Mitigation in Aviation SMS

Posted by Tyler Britton on Mar 14, 2018 6:08:00 AM

Definition of Risk and Risk Occurrence

The concept of risk changes depending on which context you use it. This is not comfortable for many safety managers who insist that risk is simply one thing.

It’s important that safety professionals keep an open mind to variations in how different safety terms are used.

Awareness of variation improves communication and understanding of the risk management process.

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6 Charts to Monitor Safety Manager Performance in Aviation SMS

Posted by Tyler Britton on Mar 12, 2018 6:12:00 AM

What is Safety Manager Performance?

Safety manager performance is the ability of safety managers to drive performance in aviation SMS. “Drive performance” can mean either:

  • Active improvement in different areas of the SMS;
  • Active sustaining of quality performance; and
  • Active mitigation of safety issues.
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How Front-Line Employees View Aviation Safety Culture

Posted by Aviation Safety Student on Mar 9, 2018 5:41:00 AM

How to Improve Safety Culture in Front Line Employees 

As a current aviation maintenance technology student and worker in the aviation maintenance field, I get to experience both the school and the workplace safety cultures. As mentioned in a previous post, the meaning of aviation safety culture is:

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Topics: 4-Safety Promotion, Safety Culture

4 Safety Charts for Department Heads Issue Management Performance

Posted by Tyler Britton on Mar 7, 2018 5:29:00 AM

Why Department Head Charts are Particularly Important

Traditionally, department heads are the individuals responsible for managing corrective and preventive actions associated with reported issues.

Managing an issue involves making sure that corrective-preventative actions (CPAs) are implemented appropriately. Now, let’s not get hung up on the word “department head” - it can act as a placeholder for the role in your organization that manages issues.

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Best Ways to Promote Safety in Your Organization (Including Free Resources)

Posted by Tyler Britton on Mar 5, 2018 6:04:00 AM

When We Say Promote Safety, What are We Actually Promoting

Best ways to promote safety in aviation SMSSafety promotion plays a crucial role in your aviation safety culture. So when we talk about promoting your SMS, we are really talking about how to build safety culture in your organization.

By far, safety promotion is often the most neglected portion of SMS. One, promoting the safety program is difficult, and two, it is vastly underrepresented in most aviation compliance authorities’ requirements.

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Best Safety Risk Management Practices for Aviation Maintenance

Posted by Aviation Safety Student on Mar 2, 2018 5:52:00 AM

Best Safety Risk Management Practices for Aviation Maintenance

Best safety risk management practices for aviation maintenanceIn aviation maintenance, as in all other aspects of the aviation sector, safety is paramount. Four safety management practices which can be applied to make any maintenance operation safer are:

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10 Most Important Hazard Reporting Forms Aviation SMS

Posted by Tyler Britton on Feb 28, 2018 5:59:00 AM

How to Use Hazard Reporting Forms

It’s hard to underestimate the value that high-quality hazard reporting forms provide your aviation SMS.

Hazard reporting quite literally provides the underpinning for your risk management activities. No hazard reports...nothing for you to manage.

Hazard reporting forms provide incentive, organization, and guidance for employees when they detect irregularities in the operational environment. Having specific questions for specific types of issues makes reporting easier and faster than having vague or general questions.

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Topics: 3-Safety Assurance

4 I’s of the Issue Management Life Cycle in Aviation SMS

Posted by Tyler Britton on Feb 26, 2018 6:27:00 AM

What the Issue Management Life Cycle Is

The life cycle of hazard and risk occurrence (including other types of occurrences) encompasses the entirety of an adverse event to final consequences.

The process that follows the hazard/risk occurrence life cycle is the issue management life cycle.

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