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What Is Aviation Safety Manager Burnout?

Posted by Tyler Britton on Jan 20, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Burnout: The Career Plague

Burnout is especially common in the aviation safety industry. I’ve seen it happen to young and older safety managers. I’ve seen it happen to safety managers who were early and late in their safety careers.

Burnout is not picky about whom it possesses, meaning that burnout's scope of victims naturally exceeds aviation safety professionals.

Low-to-moderate levels of burnout are a natural cycle that everyone goes through.

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Aviation SMS Surveys - Most Neglected Safety Promotion Tool

Posted by Tyler Britton on Jan 13, 2021 6:00:00 AM

The Creative: Interesting Surveys and Promotion

Unfortunately, safety culture surveys are often not high on the priority list of aviation safety management system (SMS) implementations. And judging by surveys that I have seen, they are often written with the candor and creativity of a Driver’s Education manual.

Which is too bad...

Because fun, creative, regular, and *short* safety surveys can be a truly fantastic addition to a safety manager’s bag of tricks.

Make no mistake, if done well, safety cultures benefit from safety surveys significantly by:

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How to Develop Healthy Safety Reporting Cultures in Aviation SMS

Posted by Tyler Britton on Dec 9, 2020 6:00:00 AM

Making It Personal

Every continuously-improving safety program will fail when employees are not involved in identifying and reporting safety hazards. Getting workers to participate in their aviation safety management system (SMS) is all about making the SMS personal. People care more about things that directly involve and matter to them.

An aviation safety manager functions as the primary bridge between an SMS implementation and the employees – he/she IS the force of “personal.”

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4 Advantages Safety Managers Acquire Using Aviation SMS Software

Posted by Tyler Britton on Nov 3, 2020 6:00:00 AM

No Comparison to Pushing Paper by Hand

Most of us grew up using good old fashioned pen and paper for just about everything. In fact, for most things, I still prefer it over using my phone or computer.

It’s quick, it’s natural, it’s something we can touch and feel.

But frankly, comparing pen and paper methods to software for managing documentation requirements of formal aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) is the difference between driving a trusted old pickup and a Formula 1 racing car.

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Why Safety Promotion Requires More Focus in Aviation SMS

Posted by Tyler Britton on Sep 14, 2020 6:15:00 AM

Adequate Safety Promotion Is Scarce in Most Aviation SMS

Like safety training, safety promotion in aviation safety management systems (SMS) is wrought with rigid material that screams in so many ways, “tune me out!”

Much of the safety promotion information doled out at workplaces looks more like an IKEA how-to manual than serving as a tool to make employees cheer for, and feel as if they are true contributors to their aviation SMS.

Safety promotion is among the most important elements in every aviation SMS implementation.

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What Are Greatest Challenges for Aviation Safety Managers? - With Resources

Posted by Tyler Britton on Jul 7, 2020 6:45:00 AM

Why Being a Safety Manager Is Tough

Being an aviation safety officer is an often unrewarding and challenging job. In many ways, an aviation safety manager is like a professional plate spinner balancing delicate interests and priorities, such as:

  • Gaining management support for safety programs
  • Overcoming resistance to change from management and general workforce
  • Upholding transparency and Just Culture
  • Maintaining objectivity
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How to Automate Aviation SMS Training in 4 Simple Steps

Posted by Tyler Britton on Mar 11, 2020 5:45:00 AM

Common Confusion Regarding Aviation SMS Training

Since November 2006, ICAO has mandated that aviation service providers implement formal aviation safety management systems (SMS). Among multiple operators that we have worked with, there has been confusion about:

  • Who should participate in the aviation SMS;
  • Who should receive SMS training;
  • When must this training be delivered to employees;
  • What topics must be covered in the SMS training;
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5 Best Practices for Data Management in Aviation SMS

Posted by Tyler Britton on Mar 4, 2020 6:30:00 AM

The Importance of Data in Aviation SMS

Highly functioning aviation safety management systems (SMS) always have effective data acquisition and risk management practices. This is not the case of most nascent SMS implementations.

Monitoring SMS performance and spotting safety trends are not at the forefront of most safety managers' minds as they begin their SMS implementations.

Early in this SMS implementation marathon, managers are focused on tasks that don't rely heavily on data acquisition, storage and organization. These managers rightfully begin educating themselves as to:

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5 Core Rules for Risk Analysis Process in Aviation SMS Implementations

Posted by Tyler Britton on Feb 24, 2020 5:59:00 AM

What Is Risk Analysis in Aviation SMS?

Unless you are new to aviation safety management systems (SMS), safety professionals recognize that the objective of aviation SMS is to:

  • Proactively manage safety using documented risk management processes;
  • Identify potential operational safety hazards;
  • Evaluate risk;
  • Implement control measures that mitigate identified risk; and
  • Continuously improve operational processes.
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Flight Risk Assessment Tool Good Aviation SMS Backbone?

Posted by Tyler Britton on Feb 10, 2020 6:00:00 AM

What Is a Flight Risk Assessment Tool

A flight risk assessment tool, commonly known as FRAT, is a very important element of your SMS program.

Every flight has risks and hazards.

Using a FRAT tool helps airline SMS programs evaluate review and identify those risks. Based on this FRAT review process, safety programs can develop mitigation strategies.

A FRAT tool contains a list of various questions. Each question has a “risk level” attached to it. Counting up the risk level of each question will provide the total risk assessment score for the flight.

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