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Solution for What to Do When Hazard Report Submission Fails (and All Your Work Seems Lost)

Posted by Tyler Britton on Aug 8, 2017 6:39:00 AM

How to Submit Hazard Reports with Custom Forms

Aviation hazard reportingSMS Pro offers 12 pre-configured hazard reporting forms to fit most/all the data acquisition needs of aviation SMS programs.

These reporting forms are mobile responsive, which means that they look good on any sized screen, whether it’s an iPhone or a large desktop screen. These safety hazard reporting forms are:

  1. Air Traffic Control;
  2. Airport Initial Safety;
  3. Cabin Safety;
  4. Captain’s Trip Report;
  6. Flight Safety;
  7. Fatigue Risk Management;
  8. Interference With A Crewmember;
  9. Maintenance;
  10. Passenger Accident/Incident;
  11. Request Document Change; and
  12. Security Officer Report.

These hazard reporting forms are simple, but gather all of the relevant information needed for a particular type of issue. Additionally, the process of issue submittal includes:

  • Locations with mapping tools to pinpoint specific hazard occurance locations;
  • People involved;
  • Aircraft involved; and
  • General description/title of safety concern.

This process can take a few minutes or 10-15 minutes depending on the requirements of the safety concern. It meets data acquisisition requirements.

What Happens If a Problem Occurs during Issue Submittal

After the time spent submitting safety a safety issue, it is extremely frustrating when something goes wrong. Maybe your internet is slow or cuts out. Maybe there is another problem. The main outcome is:

  • Lost data; and
  • Having to re-enter information.
SMS Pro Hazard Reporting

Fortunately, SMS Pro offers a solution to this problem. When you try and submit your safety issue you will receive an error message if any problem occurs. At this point you can reload the page and some new options appear:

  • A bunch of text that won’t make sense to you; and
  • A button to try and resubmit your issue.

If you resubmit your issue then great! Problem solved. If not, you still won’t lose you data. You can:

  • Copy all of the text;
  • Email it to us;
  • We will fix the problem; and
  • Then we will resubmit it for you, so you don’t need to reenter your information.

In this method, there are multiple failsafes to ensure that you don’t lose your information.

Why Is This Hazard Reporting FailSafe So Useful?

This failsafe is extremely useful for several reasons:

  1. Three checks against failed issue submittal;
  2. No more wasted time submitting data in case something goes wrong; and
  3. No lost incentives for employee’s submitting issues due to technical problems.

If anything, the various hazard reporting forms – which work on any sized browser – offer even more incentive for employees to report. This should always be the primary goal in SMS programs that are in the process of implementation:

  • Make reporting simple;
  • Make reporting have specific information;
  • Offer failsafes against failed reports.

All of these things give employees more incentive to submit safety issues, which offers more and better data for your aviation safety management system.

To see a video of how hazard reporting in SMS Pro works (along with many other SMS Pro demo videos), click on the picture below:

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Published August 2017. Last updated April 2019.

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