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Renee Dupont-Adam

Renée Dupont-Adam is the President and a Co-Facilitator of “Human Factors Training for System Safety Services in Vancouver, Canada. Renée began her life in aviation when she took her first flight from Lae – Port Morseby, Papua New Guinea in her fathers’ Cessna 182 at the ripe old age of 3 weeks old. From that point forward, Renée has been involved in all aspects of aviation, including: setting up the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association (PAMEA), the Maintenance and Ramp Safety Society (MARSS) and helping present the 1st World Conference on Maintenance Errors and Their Prevention in 1995. Renée also held the position of Editor for “GroundEffects” from 1997 – 2002. In 1993 the “Dirty Dozen” posters were developed by her father, Gordon Dupont, whom is known as the “Father of the Dirty Dozen” and thus she became the “Sister of the Dirty Dozen”. She has presented papers for the Flight Safety Foundation, WATS, CHC Safety Summit, Women in Aviation, etc. Renee is a member of the Women in Aviation and Quarter Century Club. She also is currently working on her Private Pilots Licence and now holds her Student Licence. Renée continues to facilitate workshops all over the world in the interest of furthering Safety awareness, by helping engineers and companies develop “Safety Nets” to lessen the occurrence of making the mistakes they don’t intend to make.

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Let’s Talk Human Factors: Distraction Is #4 of the Dirty Dozen

Posted by Renee Dupont-Adam on May 8, 2024 6:15:00 AM

What Are the Elements of Distraction Regarding Human Factors?

Whether you are a pilot or an aviation maintenance engineer, many tasks require focused attention to detail. It doesn't require a human factors training company to tell you that disastrous results may occur when workers are unable to maintain focus on their tasks.

Aviation safety managers must recognize how important a role distraction plays in their aviation safety management systems, particularly:

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Topics: 2-Safety Risk Management

Let’s Talk Human Factors - Origin of Dirty Dozen

Posted by Renee Dupont-Adam on Jun 29, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Human Factors Training and Dirty Dozen Posters

How did it all begin? Today, I want to discuss with you just how Human Factors training and the Dirty Dozen posters came to be.

My father, Gordon Dupont, is known as the founder of the Dirty Dozen and the following is how it all began.

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Topics: 3-Safety Assurance

Let’s Talk Human Factors - Complacency

Posted by Renee Dupont-Adam on Jun 24, 2021 11:39:00 AM

What Is Complacency in Human Factors?

What is complacency? - It’s the self-satisfaction accompanied by a loss of awareness of the dangers.

Two very experienced AMTs (one with 22 years and the other with 33 years of experience) missed 140 cracks during a 100-hourly inspection. This resulted in one fatality and 95 people experiencing a very close call when 18 ft of fuselage went missing during a flight.

The whole world screamed, how could this possibly happen? How could these 2 men miss that many cracks?

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Topics: 3-Safety Assurance

Let’s Talk Human Factors - Lack of Knowledge

Posted by Renee Dupont-Adam on Oct 14, 2015 10:00:00 AM

#3 of the Dirty Dozen Is “Lack of Knowledge”

So, just what is a Lack of Knowledge?

Any competent human factors instructor will tell you that "Lack of knowledge" is when you lack the knowledge to complete a task correctly. Many new employees have what we call a “Lack of Knowledge” or lack of experience.

Let’s face it, in these times of ever-changing technology, we are sometimes faced with a task without having all of the required information to correctly complete the task.

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Topics: 2-Safety Risk Management

Let’s Talk Human Factors - Lack of Communication

Posted by Renee Dupont-Adam on Aug 24, 2015 10:00:00 AM

#1 of the Human Factors' Dirty Dozen Is Lack of Communication

So, just what is a Lack of Communication? In the simplest terms, it is a failure to ensure the “mental pictures” match.

For example, I have a mental picture of what I hope to convey to you. If you have the same mental picture at the end of our conversation then proper communication has occurred.

Many times in Aviation and in other areas of our lives we have conversations with each other and we both assume that we understand each other 100%,

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Topics: 2-Safety Risk Management

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