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Dr. Robert Baron is the President and Chief Consultant of The Aviation Consulting Group. TACG provides LOSA training and implementation for airlines, helicopter operators, MRO’s, and airport GSP’s. For more information on LOSA, please visit his website at
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LOSA Observer Training/Calibration: Why It’s Important

Posted by Dr. Bob Baron on Jan 11, 2023 6:00:00 AM

Problems with Invalid LOSA Observations

Many airlines that conduct LOSA’s internally have been confronted with a problem that has significantly affected the validity of their observations.

The problem has to do with observer calibration.

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Topics: 2-Safety Risk Management

Learn How New Cabin LOSA Works for Airlines

Posted by Dr. Bob Baron on Oct 19, 2022 6:09:00 AM

Cabin LOSA Finally Becomes Reality for Airlines

After a year of intensive, collaborative research with an airline, we finally have the first Line Operations Safety Audit for the Cabin (LOSA-C) program available to airlines on a global basis!

The Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) program began in the 1990s as a proactive safety tool focusing primarily on airline flight deck operations.

Recently, the LOSA concept has been adapted to other aviation sectors including

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Topics: 2-Safety Risk Management

Paying Big Dividends with LOSA!

Posted by Dr. Bob Baron on Jul 4, 2019 6:00:00 AM

Common Questions about Aviation LOSA Programs

As a professional that regularly deals with Line Operations Safety Audits (LOSA), there are two questions that I frequently hear;

  1. Why should my airline adopt a safety program that is not mandated by our regulating authority?
  2. We already do line audits, wouldn’t LOSA be redundant and a waste of our money and resources?

They are good questions. And here are my responses...

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Topics: 2-Safety Risk Management

How to Identify Obstacles Blocking Your Aviation SMS?

Posted by Dr. Bob Baron on May 1, 2019 6:00:00 AM

Aviation Safety Managers Start with Something

When artists paint on a blank canvas, it allows them to start with nothing and creatively turn it into something. This allows the artist to create a picture without having to change or modify a picture that already exists.

When implementing a Safety Management System (SMS), most Safety Managers do not have the luxury of starting with a blank canvas; instead, they must overlay the SMS on what could be a very challenging organizational culture, thereby creating

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Topics: 1-Safety Policy

Career Advice for Aspiring Aviation Safety Managers

Posted by Dr. Bob Baron on Dec 14, 2018 6:03:00 AM

Frequent Requests for Aviation Safety Manager Advice

We often receive questions from aviation professionals who are interested in pursuing a career as a Safety Manager.

This article should help to answer some of the most common questions.

High-quality career advice from practicing safety professionals can help you:

  • Make better decisions;
  • Advance your career; and
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Topics: Risk Management Training

Which Topics for Aviation Maintenance Human Factors Training?

Posted by Dr. Bob Baron on Apr 29, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Reviewing Your Human Factors Training Program

When was the last time you took a good look at your Human Factors (HF) course?

Does it strategically focus on the current aviation maintenance problem areas?

Or are you literally trying to cover dozens of topics in just two days? If you don't know these major topics, check the EASA human factors recommended training syllabus.

There is good news...

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Topics: 3-Safety Assurance

LOSA Targets for Enhancement

Posted by Dr. Bob Baron on Mar 4, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Learning to Benefit from LOSA Programs

Congratulations! You’ve completed your Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA). You are ready to strategize and reap the benefits of your proactive LOSA strategy.

Now, one of the final steps in the LOSA process is setting up targets for enhancement based on the rich data you’ve collected. Within the LOSA data, you will undoubtedly uncover trends and issues that you were blinded to (which is one of the primary benefits of LOSA). With these identified trends and issues, you will be able to set your safety targets (i.e., targets for improvement).

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Topics: 2-Safety Risk Management

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