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What is Risk Tolerance

Posted by Tyler Britton on Jan 2, 2019 4:44:00 AM

Definition of Risk Tolerance

Risk tolerance is simply how much risk you are willing to accept. High risk tolerance is generally not a good idea because it means that you are willing to “tolerate” or “accept” a high degree of risk for performing tasks. Low risk tolerance is generally good because it means you err on the side of safety; if it’s risky, don’t do it.

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Topics: 3-Safety Assurance

Aviation Safety Managers' Best Friend - Trending Charts

Posted by Tyler Britton on Jan 1, 2019 6:45:00 AM

Hazards Are Dynamic

Aviation safety trending charts can show you the relationship between just about anything you want to track and are most important for predictive risk management.

Charts for aviation safety trend analysis should definitely be every safety managers' best friend.

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How to Incorporate Fatigue Risk Management into Aviation SMS

Posted by Tyler Britton on Dec 26, 2018 4:21:00 AM

What is Fatigue Risk Management

Fatigue is one of the most import factors in overall operational safety. It’s so important that most aviation safety management systems adopt additional and specific measures to combat fatigue. Fatigue risk management includes:

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Topics: Aviation SMS Implementation, 2-Safety Risk Management

Cybersecurity in Aviation SMS

Posted by Tyler Britton on Dec 25, 2018 4:45:00 AM

What is Cybersecurity

The aviation industry relies heavily on computers for every touchpoint of aviation service, from ground to flight operations. Cybersecurity is a term that refers to the safety of such computer systems – it is also called info-security. If nefarious individuals were able to get access to some of your computer systems, they could pose a catastrophic threat to flight operations.

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Topics: Quality-Safety Management, 1-Safety Policy

How to Use Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) in Aviation Safety Management

Posted by Tyler Britton on Dec 19, 2018 5:33:00 AM

What is Plan Do Check Act (PDCA)

Plan Do Check Act is a simple but effective process to use when implementing risk controls through corrective-preventative actions. The PDCA process is initiated after you discover some deficiency/weakness in your SMS that poses an unacceptable level of safety, such as after an aviation SMS audit, reported safety concern, or trend analysis.

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Topics: 3-Safety Assurance

5 Characteristics of Effective Aviation Safety Cultures - with Free Survey

Posted by Tyler Britton on Dec 13, 2018 11:42:00 AM

Understanding What Aviation Safety Culture Is

“Safety culture” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot in aviation SMS as a vague reference to different aspects of safety.

Understanding the meaning of aviation safety culture is less a practice in philosophy as it is recognition of what it looks like in actual practice for:

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How to Be Compliant with ICAO Training and Education Requirements

Posted by Tyler Britton on Dec 12, 2018 4:52:00 AM

ICAO Requirements for Training and Education

ICAO’s requirements for training and education are largely focused around ensuring that you train and document all employees in your organization on core SMS and safety information. It specific in its guidance documentation that role-based training is important. It also recommends that you have specific training for different tiers in your organization.

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Topics: 4-Safety Promotion

How to Perform Risk Analysis in Aviation SMS

Posted by Tyler Britton on Dec 10, 2018 5:15:00 AM

What Are You Looking For When Performing Risk Analysis

When you perform risk analysis on a safety issue in aviation SMS, your goal is to understand how and why the issue effects exposure in your organization. Understanding how and why an issue effects exposure is the logical step that leads to being able assess how much it affects exposure.

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Topics: Risk Management Training

Top Charts and Tools to Help with Risk Analysis in Aviation SMS

Posted by Tyler Britton on Dec 5, 2018 4:59:00 AM

Purpose of Risk Analysis

In aviation SMS, you analyze risk in order to break in issue down into individual, controllable parts. Based off of your analysis, you can assess the safety issue, and understand both what actions need to be taken, and what safety factors need to be better controlled.

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Topics: 3-Safety Assurance

Safety Chart: Who (Isn’t) Involved in Your Aviation SMS

Posted by Tyler Britton on Dec 4, 2018 5:55:00 AM

Knowing Who Is Involved in Your Aviation SMS

Top management requires that all personnel must participate in the safety management system (SMS) program. Wishes and reality are two different ideas and the reality is that most employees don't care about the company's safety program.

Management needs tools to offer assurance that "employees are actually involved in their SMS program."

The Logins By Division chart is an extremely valuable tool for assessing which employee segments are participating in the safety program, and which sections are not. The precondition of this chart is that safety programs have aviation safety software or computer server that can track user activity.

Also, divisions are simply how an organization segments users in its SMS program. Divisions are commonly different departments or different organizational locations. For more information about division in a safety program, see our blog article that discusses what divisions are in aviation SMS.

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